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21st-Oct-2011 10:34 pm - OOM [.001]
in the shadows
For years Silas has been able to put up with the abuse his father doles out. He hasn't ever liked it, hasn't ever even started to like it, as sometimes happens. He stayed because he wanted his mother safe, and she stayed that way until one evening.

Dinner was fish. It was a Friday, and not out of the ordinary; white wine, capers, lemon. It should have gone over fine, except for his father. He was upset at something, shouting at them both and knocking things off the counters. He turned over the table, dishes breaking and turning the floor slick and slippery. Silas pushed him against the sink when his fist shot out, connecting with his mother's jaw and sending her head snapping back with a sickening thud against the tiled wall next to the refrigerator; he didn't pay any mind when she slid to the floor, shoving his father away, against the sink. He yelled more obscenities at them both, and didn't stop even when Silas stopped shouting back for him to shut up. She wasn't responding to him, not the pat on her face or when he lifted her chin and it fell right back down. Silas didn't have to be a doctor to understand that those things, and blood on the back of her neck, meant nothing good.

He didn't think about what happened next, sliding the long carving knife out of the block and jabbing it downward, feeling the shock in his arm from the connection with his father's shoulder. His grip slipped and it sliced his palm, blood spurting and wetting his fingers, making him lose his grip. The knife clattered on the floor and it rang like a bell in his ears as he backed up, hands bloody even as he scrubbed them on his shirt, hissing at the pull on the cut in his palm.

It was really only luck that the door out of the house, once he'd grabbed the clothes he had clean and folded on his bed and the box with his jewelry and bible in it, led into Milliways.
4th-Oct-2011 04:33 pm - Charter Skin
pretty blonde
Silas' room in Milliways isn't very cluttered; he has a stack of books, but not much else other than the painting he finished several days ago, still unframed and not hung on the wall just yet, lying on the desk table.

He'd given Yrael his room number because he wasn't particularly sure of what the general effects of putting on a charter skin were, and if the cat-form didn't work, he'd rather not be in public to find out. He was curious about how it would feel to be a cat, to see the world without having to interact with it if he didn't want to.
25th-Jul-2011 10:46 pm - OOC: Character Description
pretty blonde
Or, because I like organization and being contrary by not putting things in the userinfo slot. Anyway.

This version of Silas is a little different; okay, a lot different, so sue me. I'm playing him as a young man, pre-canon for now unless I find canonmates, and for those of you reading this I would love them. Really. But I digress. Silas is not a member of Opus Dei, though he is very passionately Catholic. He's also a closeted bisexual, though he won't really admit it to himself. He's going through the stage of a crisis of faith at the moment, not sure how relevant religion itself really is in the modern world and not knowing how to reconcile his own flaws to himself.

He is still an albino: this means his skin and hair have no color to them. His skin looks white, and his hair is actually translucent like a polar bear's, though it looks white from any distance; this includes hair everywhere on his body, not just his head. His irises are a pale shade of violet, and are the only thing on him with any color aside from his clothes. Also, unless otherwise mentioned, it's safe to assume Silas has on long sleeves and long trousers to keep his skin from burning quickly.

Silas is also at this point in his life a violent abuse victim; his father is an abuser to both Silas and his mother, which will result in bruises and scrapes on Silas, though whether or not he shows them openly depends on the muse and whether they are in a position of authority or not. (He'll be far less likely to show anything to someone who will contact his parents.) He also will always have a mild French accent, from Marseille if the opposing character is of the mind to notice or comment. Anything else you want to know? Either ping me or comment here, and I'll do my best to get on it.
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